Engadin: New Camera, Old Villages

After listening to my friend Michael gushing about the new Fujifilm X-T1 for weeks on end while refreshing the Fuji Rumors page every 5 seconds, I could not resist and ordered one, too. It arrived just before we left for our family skiing holiday in the Engadin valley, Switzerland.  So naturally, skiing was not on the cards for me! While my family was having fun on the ski slopes, I spent some time in the beautiful villages of Guarda and Scoul, testing my new gear.

So what’s the verdict? For once, the hype is justified. The Fuji camera is serious fun – I just love the manual controls and the compact size. Most important – the results are great: the APS-C sensor and those Fujinon XF lenses really are quite impressive.  And it’s so much easier to carry around.  I have become a Fuji fanboy!

Before you order that new X-T1 for yourself and head off to Switzerland, here’s one warning: Taking pictures in those slippery, snow-covered cobblestone alleys can be as dangerous to your health as competitive downhill skiing. Wear a helmet and practice hitting the ground goalkeeper-style without smashing your camera. On second thought, go for the boring option and get insurance for your gear…


One thought on “Engadin: New Camera, Old Villages

  1. […] and the beautiful pictures. Here is my first own entry. I spend a lot of my holidays in the beautiful Engadine region in Switzerland. The Baselgia San Lurench in Sent isn’t very famous – but I like it a lot for its […]

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