In our kitchen

Some time ago, I watched the excellent macro photography tutorial on where the instructor used stuff from his kitchen for a tabletop photo shoot. I always wanted to do this myself, and finally, one grey Saturday morning when the weather was awful and the house was empty, I grabbed my camera, some spoons, forks and other stuff and started playing around. In the afternoon, I fired up Lightroom and did the postprocessing in Silver Efex Pro 2. I love those NIK tools so much… reminds me of the days long gone when I developed black and white prints in the darkroom at my school.

Most of the photos were taken using my Sony Alpha 65 and the Sony 50mm 2.8 macro lens, but for two of my favourite pictures in this series I actually used my small Sony RX-100 point-and-shoot, which, it turns out, has excellent macro capabilities. Can you spot these images?